Department of Conservancy


Major Job of Cleaning Department

The main job of Cleaning Department is to keep the city clean and mosquito eradication. For this purpose an area of 60 square miles consisting of 41 Wards have been divided into 11 zones. 11 cleaning supervisors have been appointed in the 11 zones to supervise cleanliness and mosquito eradication in the area.

Among the 41 wards 24 are conservancy and 17 are non-conservancy wards. The conservancy services have now started to the 17 non-conservancy wards also along with the other wards after Honorable Mayor joined his office.




766 persons

Daily Basis

1088 persons


1854 persons


Branch and their Function:

  • Cleaning Department.
  • Mosquito Eradication Department.

Cleaning Program

According to the total area of 60 square mile consisting of 41 wards there are sufficient amount of cleaning workers plus waste carriage vans and different instruments for cleaning drainage systems, roads and clear off the daily accumulated wastage. Generally cleaning of city’s main roads start from 5a.m. and 6a.m. for other roads this continues till 1p.m.Within this time span the workers usually complete their job for cleaning drainage systems, roads and evacuating daily accumulated wastages.

There are appointed officials, cleaning supervisors and inspectors who always monitor the job proceedings and interchange information between them for better results.

Mosquito Eradication Program

In the supervision of malaria and mosquito control officials all programs regarding the control of any mosquito infections are executed. To prevent the worse effect of mosquitoes according to the schedule once in a week the Lava Destroying Oil (L.D.O) is sprayed to all over the place where mosquitoes born and to all the drains and ponds. Special mosquito control programs are taken every year to safeguard the citizens. For full eradication of mosquitoes mortien spray is also done. The various larger drains and canals are also cleaned apart from the regular schedule of medicinal spray which falls under this program.

Ways to keep the city neat and clean

Each Ward is again divided into one Block and each Block is appointed with Sweepers and drain-cleaners who with their modern machineries clear off the wastages and put them in the dustbin or keep them into some convenient place where from the waste product disposal van can collect. On the other hand in 2 of the wards- JamalKhan Healthy Ward and North Kattali Ward. there are 18 waste product disposal Rickshaw vans which collect waste products from the locality houses and dispose it in the dustbins of the main road. Apart from this there are 6 waste product disposal Rickshaw vans working from Siekh Mujib Road Dewanhat to Barik Building Crossing. Recently 16 waste product disposal Rickshaw vans have been provided to different wards, whose supervision is done by the honorable Ward Commissioners in their respective Wards. Many N.G.O s along with the corporation are also helping to keep the city clean by organizing 21 waste product disposal Rickshaw vans to various wards and pick up waste products in their supervision. In total there are 61 waste product disposal Rickshaw vans to clear off the waste to the respective dustbins which is then moved away in lightening speed.

The disposal of wastages from the city is done for day & night by 90 waste product disposal vans and approximately 1000 tons of waste product is cleared . Among the disposal vans Volvo, open truck, tractor wagon and tipper are the significant ones.

To keep the city tidy 21 containers have been stationed to different main roads, market places and localities. Every day and night the containers are cleared off. To move the containers there are 4 container mover trucks. Presently the waste products are dumped in two Training Ground (T.G.) one belongs to the corporation and the other is private. The container-movers take the garbage and dump them in Roufabad T.G. and Halisahar T.G.